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Dragonfly Studio, Venice FL

To visit the website for our studio in Venice, FL, please click on the Dragonfly.

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Ayurveda means 'The Science of Life'. Click on the Dragonfly for courses in Ayurveda. 

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Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation

Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and meditation can all lead to a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Click on the Dragonfly for our courses on Yoga, yoga therapy and meditation. 

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The Dragonfly Plan Membership

The Dragonfly plan is a complete lifestyle and wellness makeover that addresses the body as a tripartite being – body, mind and spirit.  This is our SIGNATURE PRIME MEMBERSHIP SITE. It is the ultimate site for Sattvic (peaceful) living. Click on Dragonfly to find out more.

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Dragonfly 60 Day Life Transformation Plan

This is a 9 week, 60 day intensive that will give you the foundation to use Ayurvedic principles to transform you life.

In this 9 week course you will learn:

  • The foundations of Ayurveda and how to apply them
  • You will discover your unique and authentic blueprint and how to use this knowledge to walk in perfect, authentic health
  • You will discover the importance of feeding the three bodies - body, mind and spirit.
  • You will discover what foods work best for your blueprint along with printable food guides and sample menus
  • You will discover which type of yoga and exercise works best for your unique blueprint
  • You will complete a 3 day physical cleanse along with...
  • A material cleanse
  • A spiritual cleanse
  • You will learn how to recognize an imbalance immediately and how to correct it to bring you back into authentic health. 
  • How to put it all together for your unique blueprint
  • The energetic and subtle bodies and how to recognize imbalances and how to correct
  • You will learn about desserts and how to make them super healthy so you truly can have your cake and eat it too!
  • The importance of sleep and how to experience sweet, sattvic (peaceful) sleep
  • You will understand Ayurveda's views on illnesses and how to increase your vitality (Ojas) for optimal well being and increased immunity.

This course is a deep, intensive course that is for anyone who is wanting to walk in perfect health and harmony.  This course takes initiative and work for the student, but rest assured, if the principles are applied then you will truly transform your life!

*23 Yoga Alliance CEU's available upon completion for Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructors!

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Regain back strength, flexibility, and renewed energy with this online course.


This on-line course consists of 4 module videos and informational downloads.

Module 1 Video : Basic Anatomy of the Back

Module 2 Video : Common Issues of the Back

Module 3 Video : How to Modify your practice demonstration with model

Module 4 Video : 35 Minute Yoga Sequence for Yoga Therapy for The Back

Once purchased you own this course for a lifetime.  You can access it anytime by signing in.

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Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

This is a virtual 2.5 hour workshop divided into 4 videos.  

In this workshop you will learn :

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • What are the Dosha's?
  • You will discover your authentic blueprint and current status with our unique on line dosha testing
  • You will learn how to recognize imbalances
  • You will learn how to gently correct imbalances
  • learn to use food as medicine.
  • And how to apply Ayurveda to your life for optimal health and well being.

This workshop was filmed live at Dragonfly Ayurveda and Yoga Studios in Venice, Florida.  

*There are 2.5 Non contact CEU's available for Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Instructors.

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COMING SOON! New Online Health and Healing Courses!!

⚪️ Healing Emotional Trauma with Ayurveda 10 Day Online  Intensive!

⚪️ Chakra Balancing Courses!

⚪️ The Dragonfly Transformation Ultimate Membership Plan!

⚪️ Intro to Yoga Course!



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