Ayurveda The Science of Life

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda.  Here you will find our courses on Ayurveda.  Please check back frequently as we are always building our course library.

Our Signature Course : The Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation Plan

In this step by step course, you will learn how to slowly apply and incorporate the healing principles of Ayurveda.  This is a 60 day plan extensive lifestyle makeover.

2 Options

1. The traditional Spring and Fall Cleanse with live Zoom meetings every week.

2.  Self paced - join anytime and do the program at your pace.

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Intro to Ayurveda Virtual Workshop

Ready to learn the fundamental principles of Ayurveda?  In this 2.5 hour workshop broken down in 4 different videos you will learn what Ayurveda is, and what a dosha is.  You will take a dosha quiz and discover you authentic blueprint (Prakrit) and your current status (vikriti) and what to do with this information.  You will also learn how to recognize imbalances and how to gently guide yourself back to balance.

This is a solid foundation workshop in building your knowledge in Ayurveda.

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