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Dragonfly Moon Tea Recipe

Dec 09, 2020

Dragonfly Moon Tea

The Creative (Vata) -  Balancing and grounding

The Achiever (Pitta) -  Balancing and cooling 

The Lover (Kapha) -  Balancing and detoxifying

This tea is made for women’s needs during the time of our wise woman transitioning through menopause.  Drink as much and as often as you want.  It helps reduce anxiety, balances hormones and gives you a sense of peace and well being.  This tea is amazing, sattvic and healing.

Get your herbs through a reputable herb company.   Make sure the herbs are sustainably sourced and organic.  I like Mountain Rose Herb Company and Banyan Botanicals and India Organics for my herb sources.  

What You Need


Equal Parts

Tulsi - leaf-VK- P=(in excess) Rama, Krishna & Vana mix- Most sacred herb of India.  Expands and sharpens awareness, aid in meditation and promotes compassion.

Rose - petals (Red is exceptional) VPK=  Good for female reproductive. Good for reducing Pitta.

Spearmint - leaf - PK- V+(in Excess) stimulant, nervine, diaphoretic-relaxes the body and clears the mind.  Helps digestion.  

Moringa - leaf -  KV- P=(in excess) de-toxifying, Anti-imflammatory, nutrient dense and full of antioxidents.  

½ Part

Ashwagandha Root - VK- P+ (in excess) - Tonic and rejuvenative and similar to ginseng in Chinese medicine.  It is said to give the vitality and sexual energy of a horse!

Chamomile flower- KP- V+(in excess) nervine.  Good for all constitutions.  Relieves congestion of the blood and promotes hormonal balance.  Very sattvic and balancing the emotions. Sedates nerve pain.

Shatavari - root PV- K+(in excess) - Tonic, nutritive, rejuvenative.  Rejuvenates the female reproductive organs and is said to give the capacity to have a hundred husbands!

Brahmi - leaf - VPK =.  A nervine and one of the most important herbs used in Ayurveda. Has a nurturing effect.  Improves memory and concentration.



Tea kettle

Tea strainer

A lovely cup to drink your moon tea in


Bring fresh water to a boil.  Meanwhile, place tea herbs in a strainer.  Pour water over tea, cover, and let sit for 5-7 minutes.  Drink and enjoy.  Be sure and notice the emotional benefits that come with drinking this healing and balancing tea. 


*Helpful hint :  I like to order my herbs in bulk and mix them in a beautiful ½ gallon jar so that the tea is ready to make anytime I want.

*this tea is delicious as is or if you want it sweet you may also try adding a little raw, organic honey (make sure your tea is warm and not hot) and a ¼ t of ghee.  If you would like it more tangy, try adding a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice.

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