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Why The Dragonfly?

Nov 17, 2020

  I have always been intrigued by dragonflies and their mysterious beauty. Their ninja like helicopter moves and the beauty of their iridescence fascinated me as a child.   My attention was always drawn to them when my family was on the lake boating or when I was playing around the ponds and streams near my home.  I loved how they were free to flutter about hovering just over the still waters as if on a magical mission. Later, I discovered the symbolic meaning of the journey of a dragonfly that I will share later in this chapter.  My journey is much like that of the dragonfly, as I’m confident that yours is also.   The name for the Dragonfly Plan was taken from the transformative process of this wonderful creature.  

For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in health and healthy living.  I believe that God inspired me many years ago to learn about the holistic lifestyle and ancient methods of healthcare.  I also feel a calling to share what I have learned with anyone who has ears to hear.   I believe the time has come when many people, like myself, realize there are missing pieces in their comprehension of total health and the health care that is now available to them.  When we lose touch with our ancestral roots and teachings, we experience a deep feeling of disconnect and a sense that we were not living in the way we were intended to live.  I’ve learned about many different holistic philosophies and nothing seemed to be that ‘missing piece’.  Then, through my yoga training, I discovered Ayurveda and I knew that it was the key to what I had been searching for.  After many years of practicing as an RN, I obtained my yoga and yoga therapy certification.  Then I pursued an Ayurvedic health counselor degree and then went on to obtain my Ayurvedic Practitioner degree.  I implemented the teachings in my own life and the results were amazing. When confronted with serious health concerns regarding my husbands health, I implemented the same approach to his healthcare and obtained near miraculous results.  

About 15 years ago, prior to finding Ayurveda, I was exploring and studying alternative holistic methods, my husband, Mike, suffered from high cholesterol and extremely high triglycerides.  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) total cholesterol levels less than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) are considered desirable for adults. A reading between 200 and 239 mg/dL is considered borderline high and a reading of 240 mg/dL and above is considered high.  Keep in mind  there is good cholesterol called HDL which should be in the range of 60 mg/dl or higher and there is bad cholesterol called LDL which should be less than 100 mg/dl.  These numbers combined make up your total cholesterol.  Triglycerides are considered normal at below 150 mg/dl. We were shocked to discover that Mikes cholesterol levels were 350 and his triglyceride level was1400!  His primary care physician was telling us he was a ‘walking heart attack’.  I told the doctor that I wanted to work with my husband for 3 months, run the tests again and if he had not improved we would surrender to the fact that he needed medication.  The doctor shook his head in doubt and said “Ok, but nothing will get his triglycerides down except medication.”  So my husband and I set upon implementing some of the wholistic methods I had learned in diet and exercise and 3 months later we sat in the doctors office for his test results.  It was working!  The doctor said he had never seen anything like it and that even medication could not bring his triglycerides down that much.  His triglycerides were down to 352 which is still at dangerous levels, but greatly improved.  The doctor said to continue with what we were doing and come back in 3 month for more test results.  That next office visit revealed a triglyceride level of 172.  The doctor was amazed, but never once did he ask my remedy on what I was doing to get such drastic results.  Keep in mind, the measuring standards that is used in allopathic medicine are starting reference points.  They are a cookie cutter measuring system that assumes that everyone is the same.  As you progress through The Dragonfly Plan, you will discover that these allopathic cookie cutter numbers can be used as a guide and can be adjusted to your specific blueprint.   When I discovered Ayurveda and incorporated it with its sister science of yoga philosophy and biblical teachings I realized that we were leaving out one very important piece of the holistic health model that I was seeking.  The Spirit.  We are tripartite beings and one area always affects the other.  Today, through these teachings and incorporating them, my husband and I have completed several marathons, multiple half marathons and a half Iron Man!  We hike the mountains, bike the Florida islands and practice yoga.  We are healthy, medication free and are living proof that this system works.  I will share my allopathic nursing ‘a hah’ moment in the next chapter.  Then, God told me it was time to share.

So why the dragonfly?  I was walking down the street one day with my dog Surf.  Surf is my sweet little Lhasapoo (Lhasa apso and Poodle mix).  As he was sniffing and romping about, marking his territory on every interesting spot he could find, I was somewhat lost in prayer, asking God what this business should look like and what it should be called.  During this time of prayer, a group of beautiful dragonflies swarmed around me and continued to fly around me as I walked down the road.  Okay! I got it God.  Dragonfly.  I went home and looked up the meaning of the Dragonfly.  Dragonflies represent transformation.  In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is often referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life. They have multiple meanings in different cultures with the similarities of spirituality and purpose.  Their vision from 30,000 facets can see everywhere giving it a multi perspective.  The dragonfly exhibits iridescence both on its wings as well as on its body. Iridescence is the property of an object to show itself in different colors depending on the angle and polarization of light falling on it. 

This property is seen and believed as the end of one’s self created illusions and a clear vision into the realities of life. The magical property of iridescence is also associated with the discovery of one’s own abilities by unmasking the real self and removing the doubts one casts on his/her own sense of identity. This again indirectly means self discovery and removal of inhibitions.  The dragonfly’s agile flight and its ability to move in all six directions exude a sense of power and poise - something that comes only with age and maturity. Its body is balanced to enable its flexibility in travel.  

Because of their connection to water, dragonflies are tied to the emotional self. They are the perfect guides to ask questions like:

  • What emotion is it that I need to explore?
  • Am I hiding something from myself or others?
  • Am I using this emotion as a smoke screen for something more important?

The dragonfly normally lives most of its life as a nymph or as immature. It flies only for a fraction of its life and usually not more than a few months. This adult dragonfly does it all, or, “lives out loud” in these few months and leaves nothing to be desired. This style of life symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living IN the moment and living life to the fullest.  By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t want, and to make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.  This style of living lets you live your life without regrets like the great dragonfly.

The Dragonfly Plan is an accumulation of my years of knowledge and experience in allopathic medicine, holistic and natural remedies, and ayurveda and yoga philosophies combined with biblical truths.  This Plan is a complete holistic model that incorporates healing the person as a tripartite being.  It is a whole lifestyle prescription that is modeled around honoring each individual’s God given blueprint and their unique authenticity.  This is a plan that evolves with you on your earthly journey.

The Dragonfly is the perfect symbol for the journey you are about to embark upon with The Dragonfly Plan.  It is a new perspective.  It is an avenue of transformation.  It is self realization to your truest you. Use the dragonfly symbol to remind you to keep on track, look at all perspectives, dive deep into self inquiry, live fully in the moment and allow it to guide you into your most authentic self.  

If you are interested in learning more about The Dragonfly Plan please check out our Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation Plan course.  If you would like an Ayurvedic Consult please click HERE to schedule an appointment. 

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