Fall Rituacharya (Seasonal Routine) and Why it is Important

Sep 17, 2020

Fall is the time of transitions.  It is a time that when feeling balanced it enables us to recognize the possibilities and guide us into the quiet essence of being and savoring simplicity.  If we are out of balance it can lead us feeling raw and exposed.

This is one of the many reasons why we must change our routine with the Mother Earth.  We must recognize that when she transitions, so must we or we are left feeling out of balance and incomplete.  Recognizing the changing and shifting of the seasons is important in Ayurvedic philosophy.  Ayurveda recognizes the importance of keeping in tune with the rhythms of the earth and adjusting our own rhythms to match hers.  

Vata season runs from late fall into early winter.  Kapha season starts from the coldest part of winter into spring and pitta season includes the hottest and longest days of the year - from late spring into early fall.  

Understanding the qualities of each season can help you reduce any adverse health effects.  Vata season, with the blowing and falling of the leaves is characterized as light, dry, rough, hard, mobile, irregular and cool.  All these qualities provoke Vata.  And since vata is the force that moves the other doshas, if vata goes out of balance, the other doshas are more than like to go out of balance as well.


Vata is the master of change so you will need to be on the look out for dry skin, irregular digestion and with the holidays that occur in this season can leave you feeling extra depleted, distracted and overwhelmed.  

Above is a little info graph for quick reference to help you keep balanced during this time of change.  I have also included a video where Mike and I discuss in our live show Fall Ritucharya.  I apologize for the technical issues with the video.  We filmed during a visit to Green Mountain in Lenoir North Caroline experiencing the remnants of hurricane Sally.  It has some good info in it if you can watch.  

Always keep in mind that like attracts like.  So if fall is characterized as light, dry, rough, hard, mobile, irregular and cool then it goes to say that if not balanced with the opposite quality then light, dry, rough, hard, mobile, irregular and cool will increase in us as well.  To keep balanced there are some very simple, yet very effective and powerful tools you can incorporate into your daily routine.  Try to think 'opposite' qualities.  

  • Stay moist! Nourish your skin with healing and dosha balancing ahbyangha oils.
  • Keep your nasal passages moisturized by applying Nasya oil.  I believe this is imperative and one of your first line of defense, right up there with hand washing, in preventing colds and flu's.  
  • Choose warm, moist, unctuous foods - an ideal breakfast would be cream of rice, oatmeal, warm stewed apples.  For lunch, steamed fall vegetables with ghee and baked fish, For dinner a bowl of kitcharee or warm, hearty soup.  Snacks include dates, fresh seasonal fruit or warm milk - try sleepy milk! (recipe in the Dragonfly 60 Day Cleanse and our Membership.   Add ghee to every meal - how to make your own ghee video here.
  • Establish regular routines of eating and sleeping - go to bed before 10 pm and rise before 6am. 
  • Keep yourself warm and avoid drafts and getting chilled
  • Perform slow, grounding yoga poses - try yin!
  • wear calming colors that pacify vata such as orange, yellow, green, gold, brown and purple. 
  • Diffuse pure essential oils of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, cinnamon, sandalwood and rosemary.
  • Wear gemstones of amethyst, tigers eye, and citrine.
  • Do calm, slow rhythmic breathing pranayama practice such as Nodi Shodhana

The first step in making sure you stay in balance is first recognizing the subtle signs of imbalance.  Pay close attention to how you feel not only physically, but emotionally as well with everything that you eat and everything that you do.  Ask yourself, are you being true to yourself or are you trying to live up to societal expectations?  Moving into winter is a time for deep reflection.   Take this time in fall to prepare for this transition into winter and you will find that you will come out of this dormant season refreshed and ready to begin anew and like the Spring, will be prepared to fully bloom.

If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda and participating in our Fall or Spring Cleanse then please check out our website at  

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