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How to Maintain Balance While Living in a Shit-Show World

Oct 01, 2020

In Ayurveda, everything is food.  We assimilate and digest everything that we hear, feel, see, and eat.  Everything affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The key is to recognize when something is starting to affect us negatively, then implement choices that will correct the negative effect so that we remain in a state of balance.  This is the Ayurveda way of living and being. 

Mike and I have turned off the news.  We have not watched it for about 7 months.  We decided it was not good for our health.  It was causing me to feel a chronic sense of anxiety.  I was allowing the media to feed me fear.  When we are feeling fear, we react and behave in ways that are not true to our prakriti – our original nature.  Fear can lead us to say and do things in anger and if not corrected can lead to violence.  Knowing this, I still made the poor decision to watch the first presidential debate Tuesday evening.  I will be brutally honest.  It was a shit show.  An embarrassment.  We as humans are better than this.  I went to bed with a headache and an underlying sense of doom and woke the next morning feeling heavy, achy all over and to put it mildly, a big ‘ick’ feeling in my Spirit. 

Evidenced by the behaviors that are being displayed in the United States, I believe that collectively, we are all feeling the same.  A collective ‘ick’ in our Spirits.  The problem is, most people are not recognizing the effects that this is having on their tripartite being.  They are not even realizing that their own reactions are feeding this fear and in turn exacerbating the problem.   

In Ayurveda, we learn to examine our feelings, ask why we are feeling that way, what is the cause, and then gently make decisions to guide us back on our true path.  That true path is the path of peace and harmony. We are not of this world.  We must always remember; we are Spirit beings temporarily hear on earth having a human experience. 

I believe it is our duty to not get caught up in the events and behaviors of this world, but to be a representation of our authentic self.  To show up peacefully, yet bravely in who God made us to be.   As Gandhi put it, to be the change we wish to see.   

There is so much confusion right now that it is hard to decipher what is real and what is not real.   For instance, we are told that the old song ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ is offensive and banned from the airwaves while the absurdly disgusting song ‘WAP’ is #1 in the US.  If we play out mental illness live on social media people eagerly watch and in fact enable the person to continue to play this out all the while getting re-enforcement to the damaging and debilitating behavior.   We have young and old people alike who cannot distinguish between the fake ideal life that they have created on social media versus the real life they are actually currently living. 

So, what do we do?  As a society, if we do not first become conscious of the events and the environment that we have created around us, and the affects they have on our tripartite being, then we will continue with the downward spiral of moral decay.  We have a choice.  We have power over our environment and to consciously react to situations in a constructive way.

This is one of the many reasons I created The Dragonfly Plan.  It is a ‘Safe Place’.  A place of peace and well-being.  A place of rest.  A place to learn to remember who you are and how to remain your authentic self in an environment that is forcing you to conform.  A place that you can learn to behave and react and remain in a state of well-being no matter what you are faced with. 

You were put here with a purpose.  And that purpose is to simply be your authentic self.  Most people have lost touch with who they really are.  As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, it is my job to guide.  Not to tell you, but to give you the tools so that you can discover your authentic self.  You are the only one who can discover that.  Your authentic self is there and has been all along.  And the world is confusing you because it is trying to tell you differently.  You are simply listening to the wrong voice.

When we find ourselves in a health or mental crisis, it is simply a result or side effect of losing who we really are.  When we do not live our authenticity, then the body, mind and Spirit will react and most of the time it will show up as physical illness, mental illness, or a chronic state of unease, which will lead to physical and/or mental illness. 

Ayurveda teaches, just like the uniqueness of your fingerprint, there is no one quite like you.  You have your own vibration.  For instance, in Yoga, the chanting of OM is an act of joining together our own unique vibrational sound to the others and in turn join in on the Universal Vibration.  A time to link up.  A time to remember that we are all connected with the divine spiritual vibration.  But we cannot be connected completely if we are not each acting in our own authentic vibration. 

So how do we do that?

  1. We must first know our Doshic makeup – our prakriti, which is our true, authentic blueprint, and then we must know our vikriti, which is our current Doshic state. Then, we must set in place a plan to gently bring your vikriti, back into your original prakriti state. It is in that original state, that we will feel complete, connected, balanced and peaceful. 

If you are not familiar with your Doshic makeup, click HERE for a simple Doshic test.  This will give you your current Doshic state.  It is, however, not intended to replace an intensive Ayurvedic Consult from an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  But it will give you a starting place.

  1. Learn to recognize how everything affects your doshas and then set about to correct the imbalance to bring yourself back into a state of balance. In The Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation Plan we start with a cleanse.  A full physical, mental and environmental cleanse.  Then we begin to bring back into our lives what feels right and balanced for us.  Things that bring us harmony and makes us smile. We begin to surround ourselves with joy.
  2. Turn off the noise! Find what you are distracting yourself with.  Our devices are controlling us.  They are designed to keep us coming back.  We are addicted.  Turn all news, social media, everything off and learn to listen.  Listen to that still quiet voice that is always guiding us, always truthful.  Learn to return to self and trust.
  3. Begin to implement change in your life that lines up with your Prakriti (original Doshic blueprint). In the Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation, we guide you gently on how to implement these changes into your life.  My change will look different than your change, so we teach you how to recognize what is true to you, and not to listen to the world’s ideals.  Remember, the world is not complete unless you are walking, living and breathing in the vibration of who you were made to be.  Tune out the world’s voice and learn to listen.
  4. Ayurveda teaches to learn to use food and herbs as medicine, and for each of us, that will be different. Some are Vegan, some Vegetarian, some all kinds and others Keto or Carnivorous.  We discuss these diets and allow you to choose what feels best for you.  We use yoga, and in times of turmoil, we slow the practice down to get back to ‘feeling’ our bodies and how the environment is affecting how we move.  We use meditation, mantra and prayer, silent or guided, to return us to a place of stillness and therefore perfect peace.  Solidifying our connection to the divine.

Yes, you can live a life of peace, balance and harmony all while living in a shit show world.

Come join us.  We would love to be a part of your transformation and be a representation of the change you wish to see in the world.




If you are interested in learning more about Fall & Spring The Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation Plan with the guided weekly Zoom Calls click HERE.  Or if you would like to do the Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation anytime and self led click HERE.  If you would like to join our monthly Dragonfly Membership that will give you all the support tools you will need to continue to maintain a balanced life, click HERE.  If you would like a professional Ayurvedic Consult with Annette click HERE.

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