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Perspective by Michael Broy

Sep 27, 2020

Above is the video to our live show in which we discuss perspective.

I was in my late teens when I first heard one of my favorite authors and speakers, Edwin Louis Cole, make the statement - “Change isn’t change until there’s change.


Through the years I’ve come to realize that I can desire change, think about change, plan change, and hope for change, but none of those things actually bring change. 


This is a blog about change and perspective, which by the way - blogging or speaking about change does not equal change either.

Give me a few minutes of your time.  You’re already here reading this. Gently take your hand off of the mouse and let me encourage you.


One of the reasons you are drawn to this sight is because something in you is desiring or needing change.  For most of us change is a scary thing.  However, we can learn to process change in small increments to help make change more comfortable.  The Dragonfly 60 day Transformation Plan is about making life changes, and we are here to help you on your pathway to success.


Another thought-provoking statement that I’ve heard many times regarding change is, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”   I believe that can be true, but in many cases, people don’t know the degree of pain that change will bring, but they have learned to live with the degree of pain they are currently living in and have settled into being familiarly comfortable with it. 



The first condition of change in our lives is perspective.  Perspective is an Art term that relates to adding dimension, detail, and reality to artwork.  It’s the method by which solid objects drawn or painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth, dimension and distance.


There is an Annual Chalk festival in the town that I live in, and the drawings are amazing. The artists involved create intricately detailed drawings.  Some drawings look like they are Several stories high or deep into the ground.   It’s proper perspective that makes these drawings look realistic.  When we lose proper perspective in life, we tend to lose the dimension and detail that makes each of our lives original and unique.                                              


Perspective also means to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way:    I want to share a few thoughts that I believe are reasonable and wise that can help to keep proper perspective regarding change.


I want you to Ask yourself this question - What destination will my next step lead me to?   Remember - Change isn’t change until there’s change!    Change, whether small or large, in order to be change, has to have some standard to be measured by or compared to in order to actually be change.  The great thing about making even the smallest change is that it creates momentum to continue to anticipate, see, and feel more change. The Dragonfly program helps create change, and momentum that leads to peace, health and balance to the entire person - Body, Soul, and Spirit.  There’s education and support for participants throughout the program. Then continued support is available through the membership long after it’s completed, to keep the achieved change secured.


Every decision we make is based upon our current perspective.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably changed perspective on one or two subjects during your life. Perspective is attained through experience, education and family background. 

While I am not an artist, I can see where three things will play into proper perspective in art and life.  The objects of art (or life) is the first thing to consider.  The mountain, the valley, the bouquet, or any number of things may be the object of the artist.  In life, there are many objects that we become focused upon and approach them according to our current perspective.  Wants, needs, strengths, weaknesses, decisions, possibilities (good or bad) and so many other things keep our minds occupied.  As things or circumstances about life changes, so can our perspective.  Even more empowering is understanding that as we change our thoughts from negative to positive, our perspective will change, and then result in circumstances changing, or at the very least we can change the way we process current circumstances.  Even more leading than events or happenings in life is the way we think about or emotionally process the event or happening.  Our initial thoughts following any event will forecast our perspective, our feelings, attitudes and actions. Gratitude and thankfulness lead to peace and positivity, even after a negative experience.  It’s possible to “go through the fire without living with the smell of smoke”.

It is believed that a person typically has 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day.  Approximately 80% of our thoughts are negative and 90% of those thoughts are repetitive on a daily basis.  That’s a lot of negative thinking.  That’s a dark gateway to an even darker perspective.  Thoughts generally lead to feelings, which leads to attitudes, then to actions and life choices.  It takes work to stay positive mentally.  We don’t have to own every fearful thought that comes to us.  We are capable of creating positivity and peace through meditation, prayer, or mantras.  Life really is more than seeing the glass half full or half empty.  However, if we can’t see the glass half full, we may never be aware enough to see when the glass is actually full either.   It takes healthy self-talk to view life with clarity and positivity.  What we look at grows, and what we look at most ( or think about most) grows the biggest! 


The location and position of the artist or creator (Thinker) is important.  If an artist is standing in a certain location, then moves, the perspective will change.  The angles become different.  Other peripheral objects come into play as well.  Even changes in one’s physical location can help motivate people to change thought processes and perspective.   It’s important to step away from or take a break from a chronic negative situation to catch our breath and renew ourselves mentally or emotionally.


I recently bought my wife a beautiful, bright colored dress from a store at the local mall.   This particular store has a different sizing system than other stores do, so I had to guess at the proper size for her.  She tried the dress on while I went to another room.  I returned to see her looking at herself in the mirror, turning from side to side and then turning her back to the mirror.  Looking over her shoulder, the question came as I expected.  “Does the size of this dress make my butt look big?”  Being a man of honesty and integrity, I pondered for a second.  Then I answered. “No, the size of the dress does not make your butt look big.  But the size of your butt makes the dress look tiny!”  I thought I was being cute, but she disagreed.  When I finally came to, and I saw her standing over me I could tell that the dress and the butt were both perfect.  My new position had changed my perspective altogether. 

(No injuries were sustained during the creation of this story.)


The truth is, a change of our position (or current mindset) will bring a change in our perspective and life.



The amount of light determines the perspective as well.  No artist paints in the dark.  Light is required to see color, details, and dimension.   We can’t really see with proper perspective in life unless we can begin to think in proper perspective.  Proper positive thoughts are like light that add to our ability to see things in perspective.  Negative thoughts are like darkness that prevent us from seeing at all.


I recently made a trip to Lowes early on a Saturday morning.  It was about 6 a.m. when I rolled out of bed.  I grabbed a cup of coffee, took a quick shower, and re-entered the bedroom where my wife was sleeping.  Wanting to be considerate of her and the fact that she was still sleeping, I got dressed without turning on the lights.  I grabbed my wallet off the dresser and headed to the store.  I quickly rounded the necessary isles for the three items I needed and made my way to the check-out area.  The little lady that was working that particular check- out gave me a once up and down look (that was awkward) as I lay my purchases on the counter.  We had the typical “Hi, how are you”, “I’m good” conversation.  She rang up my purchase and I had a sinking feeling as I reached for my wallet.  I had two surprising thoughts at the same time.  My first bothersome thought was, “Well crap, I must have left my wallet in the truck”.  My other questioning thought was, “Why are my pockets on the outside of my yoga shorts”?


I had got dressed in the dark and my shorts were on inside out.  I had been walking around Lowes with my Lulu Lemon yoga shorts wrong side outside.  I thought the stares were just envy that I was dressed so hip.  Say it ain’t so!   Well, as quickly as possible I stepped into the men’s restroom and righted my bottoms.  I returned to the register after retrieving my wallet.  I was a little less embarrassed returning to the cashier than when I left her.  A little bit of light when getting dressed would have saved me a lot of humiliation.  Negative and limiting self thoughts are much like getting dressed in the dark.  Clarity and detail is hidden from us.  Unfortunately, we live life inside out and upside down due to our repetitive dark thinking.


Does light come because darkness leaves or does darkness leave because light comes?  Darkness leaves because light comes! Light always overcomes darkness. Darkness cannot understand light and will always be ruled by it. 


Changing our thoughts is the beginning of changing our perspective.  When life feels upside down or inside out, a good place to start is checking our thoughts - changing our thoughts and perspective - in turn changing our core beliefs regarding how we see ourselves and the world around us.


Proper perspective will help us to take ownership of our life. Perspective is temporary.  It’s only in the present.  Once you change your position, or the object in view moves, perspective changes.  I’m not asking anyone reading this to take the blame, or credit for your past, I’m not suggesting you wear the shame for any actions, or boast in anything that had a part in you arriving where you are at in life. I’m not asking you to process your entire past or plan your entire future.  I’m asking you to take OWNERSHIP of right now.   

Life itself has a way of moving us as if we’re on an escalator.  Life will take us in a direction determined by our perspective.  An unowned, unmanaged life is like standing on the down escalator.  You can be facing the higher floor, you can be thinking about what’s on the next floor, you can be planning to purchase and enjoy what’s waiting on that upper floor.  If we’re not actively taking steps to manage and take ownership, life will always provide us with downward momentum and with excuses for why we shouldn’t try..  Proper perspective provides you with a rational, and reasonable sense of HOPE.  It reasons with the mind, the will and the emotions that you can do this.  One of the biggest lies we believe about ourselves is that “We Will Always Be This way”!  I can’t change! The one thing that will keep us from living our lives with significance, with value  and purpose  is not our past, its not the devil, its not your worst enemy- IT’S THE LIES WE BELIEVE ABOUT OURSELVES!  The truth about you is that you are significant, you are valuable, and you have purpose. That statement alone is another blog altogether. Let me assure you - together we can help bring transformation in the areas of life you desire, to help you live the life with purpose, value and purpose.  You can manage the present!


Make Your next step count for something that will enable you to explore a healthier, more balanced, peaceful life.  Begin to consider all the positive changes you want and need and know that these are possible to achieve. Take OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE NOW!  Sign up for the Next Scheduled Dragonfly 60 day transformation course - Let the change begin! Click HERE for more info on the Dragonfly 60 Day Transformation or Click HERE if you would like so join the Dragonfly Membership and learn how Ayurveda can truly help you to live a life of balance and authenticity. 

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