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Today I Rest ~Return to Sattva

There are times in our lives in which we feel completely depleted, emotionally drained.  With information overload coming at us at the break neck speed of the internet, or the click of the 'on' button of the remote, we can easily become so over stimulated that at times we feel our head is spinning out of control.  We lose our focus, our mental grounding and the earth seems to tilt.

If you are anything like me, when you feel this way, you make poor choices.  Choices to alleviate the discomfort with  immediate gratification.  Choices like overworking and expecting everyone else to do the same. Or deciding to spend what little downtime I have on a Netflix binge to dull my mind and avoid the issues I need to deal with.  If I go to the grocery store in this state of imbalance, hungry and depleted - mind, body and spirit empty, I will choose foods that will 'feed' this dangerous state.  Fore example instead of an apple or fruit to satiate my sweet...

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